New Book – Postanalytic and Metacontinental: Crossing Philosophical Divides

From Continuum Studies in Philosophy

I’m not much of a fan of the so-called “continental vs. analytic philosophy” – I think each category is quite fuzzy and often counterproductive, with the division itself being very political.  However, given all the bickering in online forums concerning the “division,” this may be a welcome publication to bring the two “traditions” in conversation.

Alas, since that it’s Continuum Studies in Philosophy, I’d assume it’s more “continental” than “analytic” philosophy.  Also, the title itself – postanalytic? metacontinental!? – may be enough to deter plenty of “analytics”!

This is an important and original collection of essays examining the relationship between Analytic and Continental philosophy. Analytic and Continental philosophy have become increasingly specialised and differentiated fields of endeavour. This important collection of essays details some of the more significant methodological and philosophical differences that have separated the two traditions, as well as examining the manner in which received understandings of the divide are being challenged by certain thinkers whose work might best be described as post-analytic and meta-continental.

Together these essays offer a well-defined sense of the field, of its once dominant distinctions and of some of the most productive new areas generating influential ideas and controversy. In an attempt to get to the bottom of precisely what it is that separates the analytic and continental traditions, the essays in this volume compare and contrast them on certain issues, including truth, time and subjectivity. The book engages with a range of key thinkers from phenomenology, post-structuralism, analytic philosophy and post-analytic philosophy, examines the strengths and weaknesses of each tradition, and ultimately encourages enhanced understanding, dialogue and even rapprochement between these sometimes antagonistic adversaries. “Continuum Studies in Philosophy” presents cutting-edge scholarship in all the major areas of research and study. The wholly original arguments, perspectives and research findings in titles in this series make it an important and stimulating resource for students and academics from a range of disciplines across the humanities and social sciences.

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