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Slate magazine embarrases itself…

Given the context, this is a pretty awful blog post featured on the main page of Slate magazine. Despite the horrible tragedy in Japan, Slate’s ‘cultural blogger’ couldn’t help but ponder this gnarly question: As Japan reels from Friday’s devastating … Continue reading

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Armenia cracks down on “emo” youth subculture

Behind the whiny, world-is-against-me music and thick eyeliner roams a degenerate Western threat to traditional Armenian culture! Via France24: Police in Yerevan have been conducting a campaign against the capital’s small but controversial emo community since the recent suicides of … Continue reading

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More xenophobic ads from the Swiss People’s Party

From The Telegraph: A Right-wing political party in Switzerland has produced a provocative anti-immigration campaign in which a photograph of naked young models wading into Lake Zurich is contrasted with an image of headscarf-wearing Muslim women bathing in filthy water. … Continue reading

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Here’s some more philosophy camp mudslinging brought to you by Brian Leiter

Over at the always gossipy Leiter Reports, Leiter has his readers comment on the opening quote from a review of Simon Skempton’s new book Alienation After Derrida.  Here’s the review. Gotta love this gem, from the comments section: Certainly, it … Continue reading

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