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NDPR Timothy O’Leary, Christopher Falzon (eds.), Foucault and Philosophy

“Philosopher” was a label that Michel Foucault sometimes resisted, especially in the earlier decades of his career, but Timothy O’Leary and Christopher Falzon have assembled an excellent anthology of articles demonstrating Foucault’s engagement with and contributions to contemporary philosophical practice … Continue reading

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NDPR Fred Dallmayr, The Promise of Democracy: Political Agency and Transformation

Fred Dallmayr’s project is to develop theoretic resources adequate to correct minimalist conceptions of democracy that he thinks are undermining political association in our time. He finds help in the work of John Dewey, various strands of postmodernism, and the … Continue reading

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NDPR: David Ingram, Habermas: Introduction and Analysis

David Ingram is no neophyte to either Habermas or Frankfurt School Critical Theory. A very good argument can be made, in fact, that Ingram belongs to what has been called ‘Third Generation Critical Theory.’[1] His 1987 book, Habermas and the … Continue reading

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NDPR: Iris Marion Young, Responsibility for Justice

Iris Marion Young died in August 2006, at the age of only 57. Responsibility for Justice further develops some themes that have been prevalent throughout her life as a scholar, most recently in her book Global Challenges: War, Self-Determination and … Continue reading

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Here’s some more philosophy camp mudslinging brought to you by Brian Leiter

Over at the always gossipy Leiter Reports, Leiter has his readers comment on the opening quote from a review of Simon Skempton’s new book Alienation After Derrida.  Here’s the review. Gotta love this gem, from the comments section: Certainly, it … Continue reading

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