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Kant on Constitutional Legitimacy and Revolution

In light of the extraordinary and inspirational events in North Africa, it’s interesting to reflect on Kant’s political philosophy – especially his rather ambivalent conclusions on constitutional legitimacy and the right to rebel against oppressive regimes. (I am using Reiss, … Continue reading

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Again, Zizek on Egypt

Because we can never have too much Zizek (right?), here’s some more from The Guardian: The most sublime moment occurred when Muslims and Coptic Christians engaged in common prayer on Cairo’s Tahrir Square, chanting “We are one!” – providing the … Continue reading

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Zizek on Egypt and Tunisia in Revolt

Over at The Guardian: Here, then, is the moment of truth: one cannot claim, as in the case of Algeria a decade ago, that allowing truly free elections equals delivering power to Muslim fundamentalists. Another liberal worry is that there … Continue reading

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