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Richard Wolin – Ghosts of a Tortured Past: Europe’s Right Turn

In the Winter 2011 issue of Dissent, Richard Wolin reflects on the numerous right-wing victories in Europe the past decade, as well as the rather ambivalent role of the intellectual in combating the ethnocentric or “racial state”: The question of … Continue reading

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Canada’s Jewish Defence League supports EDL, rally in Toronto against political Islam

Canada’s Jewish Defence League recently declared its support for the English Defence League, a far-right, anti-Islam group, and will be holding a support rally for the EDL and their “persecuted” leader here in Toronto next week.  Needless to say, the … Continue reading

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New Book – The Cosmopolitan Reader

The Cosmopolitan Reader (Dec. 2010) eds. G. Brown & D. Held The world is becoming deeply interconnected, whereby actions in one part of the world can have profound repercussions elsewhere. In a world of overlapping communities of fate, there has … Continue reading

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German ad campaign pushing for Turkish integration

Via BBC News November saw a new government-supported ad campaign for encouraging (mainly Turkish) minorities to learn German.  The ads (published mostly in Turkish newspapers and magazines) feature numerous celebrities, as well as at least one regional minister of Turkish-origin, … Continue reading

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More xenophobic ads from the Swiss People’s Party

From The Telegraph: A Right-wing political party in Switzerland has produced a provocative anti-immigration campaign in which a photograph of naked young models wading into Lake Zurich is contrasted with an image of headscarf-wearing Muslim women bathing in filthy water. … Continue reading

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