Canada’s Jewish Defence League supports EDL, rally in Toronto against political Islam

Canada’s Jewish Defence League recently declared its support for the English Defence League, a far-right, anti-Islam group, and will be holding a support rally for the EDL and their “persecuted” leader here in Toronto next week.  Needless to say, the JDL, though a fairly far-right organization itself, has chosen an odd ally in the EDL.  The English extremists have been linked to numerous violent protests and soccer hooligan networks throughout England.  What’s particularly disturbing about this development is that the JDL’s national director, when asked to explain the sudden support for the EDL, did not really seem to be interested in the controversial activities of the EDL; rather, he refers only to the EDL’s support of Israel against the Islamic threat:

I don’t know everything about the leader of the EDL but from what we see they’re on the streets and they’re very vocal supporting Israel, supporting Israel’s right to defend itself and standing up to political Islam, so that’s about it.

So that’s it?  That’s all it takes?

In response, the Canadian Jewish Congress expressed their “disappointment” with the JDL’s “unwise” choice, and hoped that “they reconsider this decision.”

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