New Book – The Cosmopolitan Reader

The Cosmopolitan Reader (Dec. 2010)

eds. G. Brown & D. Held

The world is becoming deeply interconnected, whereby actions in one part of the world can have profound repercussions elsewhere. In a world of overlapping communities of fate, there has been a renewed enthusiasm for thinking about what it is that human beings have in common, and to explore the ethical basis of this. This has led to a renewed interest in examining the normative principles that might underpin efforts to resolve global collective action problems and to ameliorate serious global risks. This project can be referred to as the project of cosmopolitanism.

In response to this renewed cosmopolitan enthusiasm, this volume has brought together 25 seminal essays in the development of cosmopolitan thought by some of the world’s most distinguished cosmopolitan thinkers and critics. It is divided into six sections: classical cosmopolitanism, global justice, culture and cosmopolitanism, political cosmopolitanism, cosmopolitan global governance and critical examinations. This volume thus provides a thorough and extensive introduction to contemporary cosmopolitan thought and acts as a definitive source for those interested in cosmopolitan thinking and its critics.

Table of Contents

Editors Introduction
Garrett Wallace Brown and David Held

I. Kant and Contemporary Cosmopolitanism


Idea of a Universal History with a Cosmopolitan Purpose
Immanuel Kant

Kant and Cosmopolitanism
Martha C. Nussbaum

Kant’s Cosmopolitanism
Garrett Wallace Brown

A Kantian Approach to Transnational Justice
Onora O’Neill

II. Cosmopolitan Global Justice


Justice and International Relations
Charles R. Beitz

International Society from a Cosmopolitan Perspective
Brian Barry

Cosmopolitanism and Sovereignty
Thomas Pogge

International Distributive Justice
Simon Caney

III. Cosmopolitanism, Nationality, States and Culture


Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism
Martha C. Nussbaum

What is Cosmopolitan?
Jeremy Waldron

Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism
Kok-Chor Tan

Global Distributive Justice and the State
Simon Caney

IV. Cosmopolitan Politics


The Cosmopolitan Manifesto
Ulrich Beck

Principles of Cosmopolitan Order
David Held

Moving from Cosmopolitan Legal Theory to Legal Practice: Models of Cosmopolitan Law
Garrett Wallace Brown

A Political Constitution for the Pluralist World Society?
Jürgen Habermas

V. Cosmopolitanism, Global Issues and Governance


Reframing Global Governance: Apocalypse Soon or Reform!
David Held

The Architecture of Cosmopolitan Democracy
Daniele Archibugi

Humanitarian Intervention: Toward a Cosmopolitan Approach
Mary Kaldor

The Environment, Global Justice and World Environmental Citizenship
Patrick Hayden

VI. Cosmopolitan Examinations and Critiques


David Miller

The Problem of Global Justice
Thomas Nagel

On Cosmopolitanism
Jacques Derrida

Can International Organizations be Democratic? A Skeptics View
Robert A. Dahl

Citizenship in an Era of Globalization
Will Kymlicka

A Comprehensive Overview of Cosmopolitan Literature
Garrett Wallace Brown and Megan Kime


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